6 Tips to Develop Writing Skills in Kids

writing skills in kids

It is important to help your kids develop different skills, and writing is one of them. Letting your kid develop writing skills might seems easy, yet it is not. Here are some tips that you can follow to develop writing skills in kids:

Secret Ways to Develop Writing Skills in Kids

#1 Let kids work hard:

Children may believe that they should only do things that come naturally to them. Praise for results might perpetuate the notion that hard labour indicates a lack of ability. Writing is difficult, and some children find it more difficult than others, which is fine. Nobody has to be good (or fast) at everything. We can help children become more confident writers by recognising and even anticipating their hard work.

#2 Make writing matter:

If we ask children to perform something difficult, we should make it important enough that the effort is worthwhile. Writing birthday cards, secret messages, diaries, letters, captions for images, or convincing arguments about why they should get a pony for their birthday matters in ways that worksheets do not.

develop writing skills in kids

Give kids beautiful paper to write on on occasion. Allow them to express themselves in their own words. Help them discover the significance of their assignments, and if they can’t, talk to their teacher about it.

#3 Thoughts come first:

Many children have writer’s block as a result of their fear of making mistakes. Spelling and grammar are important, but solely as tools for communicating ideas. Concentrate on the expression and leave the mechanics to the review process. Innovative spelling allows youngsters to employ their entire verbal vocabulary in their writing. Encourage students who are concerned about spelling to write down their entire concept in best-guess writing and then double-check the spelling. When reading children’s work, first interact with their thoughts and then make mechanical advice.

#4 Play with words:

Playing with words is one of the strategies that could be quite beneficial when developing writing skills in kids. Brains learn well when they are having fun. And language is fun. Playing different word games and playing around with language can be a great way for reluctant writers to learn. Playing various board games like scrabble etc with your kid could be quite helpful. Focus on speed and fun more than accuracy — this can alleviate the pressure for reluctant writers and get their pencils moving faster than they usually let themselves write.

#5 Let kids make mistakes:

Writing properly does not entail getting everything right the first time. Your child’s favorite book went through several iterations before it was perfect. Encourage your youngsters to also revise their significant work. Consider revision as a refinement rather than a correction. It’s all a learning process, and the majority of their significant work will allow for revision and spellcheck. English spelling is strange and random.

writing skills in kids

There are numerous ways to record each sound. Take note of the logic behind your children’s wrong predictions while correcting their spelling. Assist them in resolving additional possibilities. Spelling becomes a riddle rather than a test in this manner. Experiment with looking up the spelling of words you’re not sure about. Teach children how to answer spelling questions using dictionaries (and Google).

#6 Let children learn at their pace:

Different brains learn in various ways. Helping your child understand how they learn allows them to learn more effectively and allows you to expect more helpful things from them. Some children learn best by chatting or bouncing. Some people need to see things written down. Some people require silence. Some people require noise. Some people begin with a jumble of notes. Some people start at the beginning and work their way through. This is all good, except we expect children to learn in ways that they do not.


Making your child learn writing skills might be challenging. However, your kid will learn it eventually. Following the tips mentioned in the article would be quite beneficial and help you a lot. Not only writing, but it is important to develop other essential skills in kids too. Want help with developing different skills in kids? Read our blog section!








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