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7 Things Parents Must Know To Raise A Toddler

How to raise a toddler

Aren’t toddlers great little snot factories? It’s fantastic to watch them learn new skills, words, and concepts every day. Parenting a toddler, no matter how lovely they are, can be a difficult, scary, and perplexing experience. Fortunately, if you get the correct aid; your best can be darn good. Do you require assistance? Here are things parents should know to raise a toddler.

How to Raise a Toddler?

#1 One Size Doesn’t Fit All

This will seem corny and, frankly, foolish- but children are like snowflakes. No two children are alike. Your sticky little munchkin will not behave in the same way as your best friend’s child. Your second child’s sickness symptoms will be completely different from those of their older brother or sister. Your young genius will learn at a different rate and will have different skills and strengths than your braggart cousin’s obnoxious little Einstein.

While hunting for parenting advice and specific answers might be irritating, this snowflake revelation can also be liberating. If nothing else, “every kid is different” is a great mantra to repeat when you’re besieged by competing parents who attempt to turn everything into a competition.

#2 All Work and No Play is a Terrible Idea

Kids, especially small children, do not need to spend hours a day accumulating résumé points for college applications.

Although you may be concerned about your child’s future and achievement, preschool is much too young for children to be working on a college-prep checklist.

How to raise a toddler

Experts agree that what children truly require is time to play. The unfortunate reality is that children now spend 50% less time playing than they did in the 1970s. While times are changing and play helps children develop their imaginations and release all that wild kid energy, it is also how children learn. Allowing them to play does not set them back; rather, it allows them to grow.

#3 The Structure is Your Ally

It’s quite simple for small children to become overwhelmed. They’re small and new to the world, so they require order and consistency to feel comfortable.

That’s why one of the finest things you can do is try to provide some structure for them: regular mealtimes, regular bedtimes, consistent punishment, and so on.

Sure, life will get in the way, and they’ll stay up too late one night, or you’ll buckle and give them that extra cookie although they just flung their meal in your face. Breaks, on the other hand, are nothing to be concerned about. A lack of structure and too much independence can put your kids off-kilter.

Providing structure does not have to be difficult. Instead of asking what they want for lunch, give them two options to choose from. They’ll still feel mature, important, and involved, but they won’t be overwhelmed by the abundance of options or encouraged to throw a temper tantrum when you say no to Fruit Loop coated prime rib. It’s not that it doesn’t sound good; you just lack the necessary ingredients.

#4 Your Actions Speak Loudest

All of your instructions, regulations, life lessons, and worldviews mean nothing if you aren’t living them out for your children to see. Your children will imitate what you do. So if you say one thing and do another, guess which one they will imitate.

How to raise a toddler

Nobody expects you to be flawless. Just keep in mind what you want your children to see you doing and what you don’t want them to see you doing.

#5 You Must Have a Poker Face

When dealing with tantrums or nasty conduct, a strong poker face and a game plan is crucial.

Flying off the handle isn’t going to help, and neither is giving in. Instead, choose a safe location for your child’s time out and then go take your own. You’ll both have time to relax, and you may use that time to reinforce your parenting beliefs and prepare to re-enter the lion’s den.

Please ignore the jumbled metaphors hidden behind the curtain.

#6 You’re Living With a Sponge

This one is very straightforward: your child is like a little sponge, soaking up everything you say. Whatever comes out of your mouth, whether it’s mimicking the way you answer the phone or repeating the most awful aspect of your latest road rage scream, will also come out of theirs.

You can do whatever you want with that information.

#7 Oh, You Should Probably Invest in Sponges

That same tiny terror who is echoing everything you say will also fly around your house like a hummingbird on steroids, causing messes you never thought were humanly possible.

Then there’s the never-ending flow of bodily fluids — thanks, stomach bugs, and toilet training! Then there’s whatever heinous idea they had that day that resulted in a SpaghettiO mosaic on your ceiling or crop-circle-like grooves excavated in your pricey hardwood floor.

You’ll discover how to have a creative and wide armory of cleaning products on hand, including a never-ending supply of baby wipes, baking soda, vinegar, and a spare bottle of toothpaste. What exactly is it? Yes, I did say toothpaste. That goop will offer you minty-fresh breath while also removing crayons from your walls, ink from your clothes, and scuff marks from your floor.


Raising a toddler could be quite daunting. But do you know what the good part is? Your young kids will only be small for a short time. It is critical to enjoy and treasure that time and to make the most of it while you can. When it comes to parenting toddlers, the Montessori methods could be quite helpful. To make your child independent and develop other essential skills- choosing a Montessori school would be a great option!



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