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5 Ways To Teach Kids Empathy

teaching patience to kids

It is important to teach different skills to your little ones. Empathy is one of the skills that parents must teach their kids. Now the question comes, how to teach kids empathy? Well, different ways to teach kids empathy. Continue reading to know more about empathy and kids.

What is empathy?

Empathy is a skill to truly show compassion, understand another person’s experience, and put oneself in the shoes of another. Empathy is a life skill that parents can teach to their kids at any age, and the results are extremely beneficial. Empathetic children, for example, are less likely to bully others. According to research, leaders who listen to and attempt to understand their employees’ emotions are more successful. Furthermore, a lack of emotional intelligence can limit your success at work.

How to teach kids empathy?

Teaching empathy must include not only community building but also individual coaching of children. Assist your child in developing a better understanding of what it means to be kind and compassionate:

#1 Pounce on teaching opportunities:

When you see someone having an emotional experience, bring it to their attention appropriately and respectfully.

ways to teach kids empathy

Include your child in conversations about another person’s experience, whether during or after the incident. For example, “What do you think is going on in your friend’s life? What struck you about her reaction to the situation?”

#2 Be a role model:

Model listening by stopping whatever you’re doing when your child approaches you. Pay close attention. Please do not interrupt. Repeat what you heard to ensure you understand the core of the message. Consider your child’s or partner’s point of view and put yourself in their shoes. Small acts help to foster an empathy culture in the home.

#3 Point out rude behavior:

Perhaps it was your child who treated Grandma insensitively. Discuss your child’s behavior collaboratively and ask him to interpret how his behavior made someone feel. Ask your child, “What do you think her reaction is when you correct her? What were your intentions?” Make kids realize what they have done wrong? It is going to help kids develop empathy.

#4 Show compassion:

Taking out the garbage when someone has a meeting and is pressed for time, verbalizing that you understand how difficult things must be right now, and other small acts of kindness will foster an empathy culture. Is that how you want to be remembered? If not, practice self-control and impulse control. The goal is not to be flawless. Instead, it is intended to demonstrate that anyone can use self-monitoring and self-work. Kids watch you and learn what you do. Thus, make sure that you set a good example.

#5 Don’t give orders:

Nobody can concentrate when they are lectured to: Encourage children to consider another person’s situation or point of view. Making it mandatory for them to be thoughtful and caring may have the opposite effect. Assist your child in putting himself in the shoes of his peers.

ways to teach kids empathy

Ask them questions to help them reflect on the emotions of others. “What do others think? What was the response to your actions? What did other people’s facial expressions reveal about their emotions?”


Understanding other people’s emotions and responding with kindness is a valuable life skill. Belonging is a sign of empathy and the foundation of a nurturing society. Make your kids learn empathy. Follow the tips that help in developing essential skills in kids. There are numerous ways for parents to instill empathy in their children. The parent’s role as the child’s first role model is to foster empathy at home, school, and in the community through small daily acts of kindness and by cultivating a compassionate culture. A self-aware, respectful child is what society requires to foster trust and a sense of belonging for all.




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