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How to Celebrate Martin Luther King Day with Kids?

Martin Luther king day

With Martin Luther King day around the corner, there are different activities for kids, and make this day full of learning and enjoyment. This blog is all about- how to celebrate Martin Luther King day with kids. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of our country’s most prominent campaigners and change-makers throughout history.

Since 1986, the federal holiday has been honored, and we commemorate his life and the ongoing influence he had on millions of people. While many people take the day off to honor Martin Luther King Jr., it’s also important to remember the real legacy MLK leaves behind and figure out how we can keep paying tribute to his influence in the field of education.

Celebrate Martin Luther King Day with Kids:

#1 Color his picture

The simplest way for a toddler to learn is occasionally via art. You can give a picture of MLK to kids and let them color it. When they are coloring the picture, teachers can tell them about him by reading a book about his life.

#2 Use of felt board

Kids always love visual and hands-on stories, especially when they are preschoolers. So you can create a Martin Luther King Jr. story felt board. You can tell Martin Luther King Jr.’s story through felt pieces that represent part of his story. Tell them a story using the same board. You can involve little ones in the discussion by asking related questions.

#3 Volunteering

Together, volunteering is a great approach to show how important it is to serve others and can pave the way for a lifetime of giving back. For a comprehensive list of initiatives, your family may work together to spread kindness and support your neighborhood. At school, teachers can tell the importance of volunteering.

#4 Read books about MLK

Your child can learn these crucial lessons through books, which can also be used as a springboard for in-depth discussions on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s work, life, and legacy.

celebrate martin luther king day with kids

There are countless books available that tell about the life of MLK. Teachers can find a picture book as images can engage little ones more in the activity.

#5 Participate in community events

Family-friendly celebrations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy are frequently held in your neighborhood. Look for chances to celebrate, whether they arise in person or online.

Along with learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., you and your child will be motivated to provide a hand to others.

#6 Let kids share their dreams

Ask your youngster to describe his dreams after reading “I Have a Dream” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Talk about the ways in which you all may emulate Dr. King and improve the world. It is an activity that involves both teachers and kids participating. Letting kids participate in these activities also helps them develop essential skills like; expressing their thoughts, independence, etc.

#7 Watch videos together

There is one more engaging activity that you can do with your kids. Watching videos of MLK is a good option. You can find multiple videos about his life on the internet. Some of the videos also have original content ( live footage of his speeches ) that can foster interest in little ones. After watching the video, you can discuss what they have learned and also ask questions.

#8 Talk

The simplest and most effective way to remember Dr. King this holiday weekend is to converse with your children about the significance of Martin Luther King Day, whether on its own or as a crucial addition to any of the activities recommended in this article.


The history of our magnificent country includes a significant contribution by Dr. Martin Luther King. We can learn so much from his life. How to defend what we consider to be right? How to imagine a better world and make it come true. You can try these activities with your little ones. These activities will surely make this day full of enjoyment and learning. We at Little Steps Montessori always ensure that your kid gets involved in such activities.






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