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Why does Montessori Education work for your kid? - Little Steps Montessori school

Why does Montessori Education work for your kid?

The Montessori Method is differentiated by the provision of a prepared environment that is neat, appealing to the eye, simple, and authentic, with each element serving a purpose in the child’s growth. A Montessori classroom includes children of various ages who are divided into three-year groups. It naturally promotes socialization, respect, and solidarity among them. The prepared environment offers opportunities for the child to commit to interesting and freely chosen work, resulting in long periods of concentration that should not be interrupted. Within clear boundaries, children’s freedom develops, allowing them to live in harmony with one another in the classroom’s little community. Children work with scientifically designed concrete materials that give them the keys to exploring our world and developing basic cognitive abilities. Here are top reasons that will let you know why Montessori education works for your kids:

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Montessori is not a Trend

• Educators frequently jump from one trend to the next in education. Districts and schools spend thousands of dollars on a new math or reading program only to discover that something better is available two years later. Providing the “right” educational curriculum has become a constant “keeping up with the Joneses” challenge.

• Montessori schools employ a philosophy and tools that have been in use for more than a century. Montessori schools do not switch between programs because they do not have to. Montessori education is effective. Maria Montessori’s philosophy, which she developed many years ago, still works for our children today.

It Supports Independence

• Everything in a Montessori classroom encourages independence. You begin with a classroom that is set up to allow the child to do for themselves what an adult would usually do for a child.

• When you walk into a preprimary classroom, you will see a three-year-old sweeping the floor with a child-sized broom, washing dishes at a sink just their height, or folding washcloths that are the right size for their hands.

• The pride you see in these children who can “do it themselves” without the assistance of an adult is incredible. A Montessori classroom provides a structured environment in which children can develop independence.

• Students can identify a mistake in their thinking without having an adult point it out to them. Instead of an adult telling a kid when they need help, students in a Montessori classroom have the power to ask for it when they need it.

• Students begin to realize that they have the intelligence and ability to do things for themselves. This not only empowers the child but also boosts their confidence.


Children get the Idea of Why

• Students “lose” information over the summer; not because the summer is too long, but because it is not meaningful to them. In math, we frequently expect students to understand operations but never explain how or why.

• We devise acronyms and mnemonic devices to assist children in memorizing the step without questioning why these strategies are required. With materials, Montessori enables children to understand the how and why.

• As he or she divides each place value, students can see a division problem occur. They can also practice it with the materials over and over until it makes sense to them.

It meets Children Wherever They Are

• One of the most significant advantages of Montessori is that it is entirely personalized. Parents never have to worry about their child becoming bored or frustrated to the point of tears. They get what they require when they require it.

• Teachers must observe, mentor, and guide children to their full potential to teach on an individual level. As a parent, you are relieved to know that your child’s teacher knows him as an individual, not just as a second-grader.


Learning is Enjoyable

• Learning is engaging and fun when you can learn about botany by looking at leaf samples or about your favorite historical figure by dressing up as her. Montessori provides students with opportunities to learn through hands-on experiences.

• Learning does not occur solely through lectures or listening; rather it takes place through doing and experiencing the world around them. Learning is authentic and relevant.

To wrap it up:

One of the most crucial responsibilities of a parent is selecting a school or method of education. Make a decision that prepares your child for the next grade level and also for life as a global citizen.

Decide to enroll your child in a program that teaches them the core subjects and responsibility, compassion for others, and self-motivation. Maria Montessori developed her philosophy out of a desire to make the world a better place for future generations. You’ll understand why Montessori works with a little research and a tour of a Montessori school.


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