5 Tips to Make Kids Independent

make kids independent

Teaching independence to your little ones is important. However, this could be a challenging task. Here are some tips that you can follow to make your kids independent. Follow some simple tips every day to make kids independent and let them explore the world around them.

How to make kids independent?

#1 Let your little ones make mistakes

Allowing children to make mistakes may seem counterintuitive at first, but it will teach them how to succeed in life. When kids make a mistake, let them know it’s okay and assist them in brainstorming ways to do better the next time.

This mindset shift can guide anything from minor mistakes, such as not bringing an umbrella when the forecast calls for rain, to major ones, such as failing a test because they decided to study the night before.

It’s difficult to watch your child struggle. However, focusing on teaching them that failure is simply feedback helps them develop a growth mindset; with that mindset, they will be able to overcome any struggle confidently.

#2 Involve kids in small household tasks

Encourage your child to help with small tasks such as cleaning up toys after playtime, putting groceries away, and cleaning up their room. Make certain that you assign them age-appropriate and necessary chores. When children believe they genuinely contribute to the household, they are much more willing to assist.

make kids independent

The tasks can be easy, requiring them to plan ahead of time. For example, ask them what they believe should happen if laundry is piling up. Encourage them to bring a load of laundry to the washer. See if they can assist you in loading the washing machine. Perhaps they’d like to assist in pressing the button. That’s fantastic! All of these minor tasks require beginning laundry, and by involving them, they will feel empowered (and eventually, they will be able to do their laundry!).

Letting your kids involved in these small tasks could be quite helpful in developing independence.

#3 Offer options with limits

Allowing children to make choices is a great way to empower them, build confidence in their decision-making abilities, and foster a sense of responsibility. When children can make their own decisions, they have more opportunities to experience natural consequences.

Allowing children to make their own choices is one way parents can demonstrate to their children that their preferences, wants, and needs are valued. The more practice kids have in making their own decisions, the better.

make kids independent

Keep in mind that children may become overwhelmed if they have too many choices. So, rather than asking, “What do you want to do today?” Ask them whether they would prefer to go to the playground or on a hike. Try to provide two or three options that you are comfortable with—this allows you to say “yes” to whatever option they choose.

#4 Give them space

Children require space to grow and learn. And they are unlikely to become more self-sufficient if they never can be so. Encourage independence by allowing your child to explore without being overly supervised. Allow them to play in another room without you checking in on them (or if you must check in, try to be discreet).

Allow them to walk ahead of you on the sidewalk (use your best judgment based on the street traffic). If your mailbox is a safe distance away, send them out to get the mail. Allow them to enter the cafe, order, and pay for their lunch while you observe from a safe distance.

Every day, try to find at least one way for your child to accomplish something “on their own” without you right by their side.

#5 Don’t overcorrect

Avoid correcting your child as much as possible when they are attempting to do something on their own. For example, if you ask your child to make their bed and it isn’t perfect, resist the urge to fix it. Always remember that perfection isn’t the goal. The goal is to empower your child to take on responsibility. They will not want to try again if they are constantly corrected.


As parents, we want our children to be self-sufficient or independent. However, becoming more independent and responsible is not always easy for them. Some of this is due to our instinct as parents to make things easier for them, to save them from their mistakes, and to limit their exposure to struggle or (gasp) failure.

Making your child more independent takes time and effort, but the benefits are well worth it.

You can follow the simple tips mentioned in the blog every day to help your child become more independent. Explore our blog section to know more about the related topics.




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