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6 Tips on How to Get Kids To Eat Healthy Food

Tips on how to get kids to eat healthy

Dinnertime has become your least favorite time of day as kids reject the salad and casserole you made. They’re now negotiating for chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. And you must be thinking about how to get kids to eat healthy food. You understand the importance of nutrition for your active, growing children. But lately, you don’t feel like fighting these recurring lunchtime skirmishes. What can you do to make healthy meals more tempting to your children?

Tips to Get Kids to Eat Healthy Food:

The question comes; How to get kids to eat healthy vegetables? Try the below-mentioned expert tips to make mealtimes with picky eaters a bit easier. We can’t guarantee that your two-year-old will never again throw carrot sticks on the floor, but these suggestions will help you take positive steps in the right direction.

#1 Provide options.

No one loves being pushed to do something, especially rowdy toddlers or older children seeking independence. This principle also applies at the dinner table. Though the choice between apple slices and celery with peanut butter may not appear to be much, it gives children the independence they crave while also keeping them in control of their nutrition. Your child may be more willing to try a new cuisine or a nutritious dish if they believe it was their idea.

#2 Allow them to make their own plates.

Allowing your children to arrange their own plate is another method to encourage independence and curiosity in trying new meals. It may take a few attempts, but most children will be more inclined to include healthy things on their plates if they have the freedom to do so.

how to get kids to eat healthy

Add Protein, a complex carbohydrate, vegetables, fruit, milk, or other calcium-rich food items in most meals. Montessori schools have various activities like this which also help kids become independent.

#3 Introduce gateway foods

Children are naturally skeptical of new things, even many healthful foods. So, what’s the answer? Combine new foods with healthy items that your child already enjoys. A child’s first five years of life are spent learning what, when, and how much to eat from their family as well as cultural norms and attitudes.

While they’re developing their favorite tastes and routines, make sure to introduce kids to a range of foods, including fresh vegetables and fruits, nutritious grains, and proteins. This may prevent kids from developing finicky eating habits later in life.

If they’re hesitant to try a new dish or don’t like the taste at first, try pairing it with something they prefer. For example, if they don’t like carrot sticks, combine them with a dipping sauce they like. If kids dislike broccoli, try putting it into omelets or mac & cheese.

#4 Give your children a behind-the-scenes glimpse at food.

Kids are more likely to try healthy food if they are already interested in it and have been introduced to it. Children are naturally inquisitive, so taking them to a farm or local farmer’s market will pique their interest in foods such as vegetables, grains, fruit, and dairy. Allow children to explore and discover all of the varied shapes and colors that veggies and fruits grow in, and then choose which ones appeal to them the most.

Show them visuals or movies that explain how food works in the body as another activity. It is one of the best tips to make kids eat healthy food.

#5 Include your children in the cooking process.

Children are more likely to try a new food if they helped prepare it. Measuring ingredients, stirring a bowl, or arranging a salad are all good places to start. As they do these easy activities, they will observe how full dishes and entire meals come together, which will serve as a foundation for them to prepare their healthy meals as they get older. Cooking with preschoolers requires cooking slower and simpler at times, but the payoff is well worth it!

#6 Don’t push it.

As previously said, having a variety of foods to choose from is an important factor in promoting a healthy diet. Though introducing children to new foods and ways of preparing them can help them grow into adventurous eaters, it’s doubtful that they’ll adore everything. In reality, despite your best efforts, you may be dealing with a picky eater.

how to get kids to eat healthy food

“Keep trying for those picky eaters.” As tastes vary, introduce meals more than once with different methods. Foods should always be available in different shapes and with varying spices. Never force or push picky eaters around you; instead, do everything in your power to encourage them.


These are the different ways to encourage healthy eating in kids. Now, it’s time to put your tried-and-true tactics for getting kids to eat healthier to work. Hope you get the answer to the question; How to get kids to eat healthy food? With any luck, you’ll be able to remove the stress from mealtime and assist the next generation in developing lifelong good habits.




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