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5 Ways To Encourage Personal Hygiene Habits In Kids

personal hygiene habits in kids

Developing personal hygiene habits in kids is crucial. When it comes to personal hygiene in kids, parents play an important role. Here are useful tips that help parents develop good hygiene habits in kids. Continue reading to know more about personal hygiene and kids.

What Is Personal Hygiene?

Personal hygiene refers to your daily efforts to care for your body. It is a method of protecting yourself from harmful germs that can harm your body and make you more susceptible to various virus infections. On the other hand, children enjoy exploring the world and experimenting with objects in their surroundings and are unconcerned about personal hygiene. As a result, as responsible parents, we must ensure that they develop the following good habits from childhood.

5 Ways To Encourage Personal Hygiene Habits In Kids:

#1 Start Early:

Children enjoy learning new things when they are young. Brushing their teeth can also be enjoyable for toddlers. So, start teaching your children about the importance of personal hygiene and the benefits it has on their bodies when they are young.

Personal hygiene habits in kids

Toddlers may not understand everything, but they will enjoy doing it all. So, at the age of two, you can teach them to brush their teeth, take a bath, arrange their clothes on shelves, throw trash in the garbage can, and so on. Allow them to do it in your presence. As they age, they’ll start doing this routine independently.

#2 Be a role model:

Before you begin teaching your little ones, you must first practice good personal hygiene habits, especially in front of them. Consider washing your hands with soap after returning home from a trip or after touching a package from outside.

Personal hygiene habits in kids

Make sure that they see you following these hygiene practices. It can teach them the best practices if they observe it for a long time. Set a standard and practice.

#3 Appreciate kids for their good habits:

When children are appreciated, they are happy. So, if they have learned to do something new, such as take a bath by themselves, show your appreciation by shaking their hands, clapping your hands for them, etc. It will inspire them and make them feel proud. Start improving and working on their progress once they have learned to do something perfectly.

#4 Keep checking:

Even if you’ve instilled a good habit in them, check in on them frequently without their knowledge to see how they’re doing. Assume you’ve taught them how to keep their room clean and tidy by organizing their belongings. In that case, look in to see how they’re moving things, arranging them, and so on, and change the habit if necessary.

#5 Talk about it:

Children are excellent observers and listeners. As a result, rather than viewing personal hygiene as a daily requirement, you can discuss it as a way of life. It will help them understand the significance of self-care.

We’ve seen some of the most effective methods for teaching and instilling personal hygiene in children. However, the majority of them may disobey and become distracted. So, how do you deal with such a situation?

It is important to develop personal hygiene habits in kids. One effective strategy is to inform the children about the consequences of not following personal hygiene and its effects on their bodies. You can also introduce them to appealing video lectures to impress and motivate them to learn. Finally, suppose your children are productive when rewarded. In that case, you can give them a favorite fruit or a toy that will pique their interest in learning something new and incorporating it into their daily lives.


Teaching good habits to your kids is essential. Parents can go for different tips and tricks that help them develop good habits and personal hygiene in kids. Remember that teaching your child the value of personal hygiene is important to their upbringing.



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