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5 Ways to Connect with Your Kids

Ways to connect with your kids

Parents want those close moments with their kids that melt their hearts.

Because the connection is what makes parenting worthwhile despite all the sacrifices, it is equally important to us parents as it is to our children. This blog covers the different ways to connect with your kids.

The only other reason kids voluntarily follow our instructions is because of this bond. Children that have a close connection to their parents WANT to cooperate if they can. Since they’ll still behave like children, their prefrontal brain, which is still developing, may occasionally become overwhelmed by their emotions. However, they are motivated to follow our lead if they believe that we will comprehend them and be on their side.

Connect with your kids:

The only way to maintain a deep connection with your children is to develop daily habits of connection. Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, and we frequently do it in our spare time after being apart all day. The different ways mentioned in this article don’t take up more time in your day but make you more social. These behaviors repair the disconnections caused by daily living in a simple yet incredibly effective way. You’ll discover that utilizing them regularly alters everything.

#1 Physical Connection

Spend some time snuggling with your kid in the morning and right before bed. When you part ways, when you are reunited, and frequently in between, give a hug. Pat backs, touch shoulders, and tousle hair.  Another sort of touch is to smile and make eye contact. 

#2 Play & Laugh together

By releasing endorphins and oxytocin in both of you, laughing and roughhousing with your child help you stay connected to them.

Ways to connect with your kids

Making laughter, a regular habit also allows your child to laugh out the worries and irritations that may otherwise make him feel distant and more likely to misbehave. Kids are encouraged to collaborate when they play, which is more likely to succeed.

#3 Say no to technology

Really. Your child will cherish the memory of the fact that her parents valued her enough to put their phones down and pay attention to her. Even turning off the music in the car can be a strong invitation to connect because there is less pressure on kids to open up and communicate when there is no eye contact.

You can also read our blog about breaking phone habits in kids.

#4 Connect before transitions

Children struggle to switch from one activity to another. When they truly don’t want to stop what they’re doing and switch to something we want them to do, they need us to “co-regulate” them through those difficult times. You may give him a bridge to help him navigate a difficult change if you look him in the eye, use his name, establish a connection with him, and then make him laugh.

#5 Listen to your kid

Listening establishes a connection. If necessary, hold your tongue, but refrain from saying.

“Wow!…. I see… Really?… How was that for you?

Always listen to your kids

You will treat your children with respect and seek out win-win solutions if you develop the practice of viewing situations from your child’s point of view. It will assist you in understanding the motivations behind actions that normally drive you mad. Additionally, it will assist you in controlling your own emotions so that your child won’t appear to be the enemy as much when you are in a state of “fight or flight” when your buttons are pushed.


Making connections or a real bond with your little one is quite important. Just doing small things can make you develop a strong connection with your kids. We at Little Steps Montessori always connect with your children, understand them and make them feel comfortable all the time.


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