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6 Skills Kids Develop at Summer Camps

Skills kids develop at summer camp

Summer camp is not only an excellent way for kids to spend part of their summer, but it also sends them home with new skills that are valuable and will stick with them and serve them well into adulthood. Check out the skills kids develop at summer camps.

Important Skills Kids Develop at Summer Camps

Summer camps are exciting and thrilling that let children develop different essential skills.

#1 Teamwork

Teamwork may be part of some school activities, and you may teach it to your children at home, but camp takes it to a new level.

Summer Fun

Children quickly learn that working as a team is more fun, whether they’re writing computer code, playing sports, or learning a new language. And when a child carries teamwork skills into higher education and adulthood, they have a distinct advantage over those who do not.

#2 Leadership

Camp, if nothing else, teaches children self-leadership because they will be responsible for basic tasks such as keeping track of their clothing, getting up on time, and adhering to their schedule. Older children who participate in apprentice counseling training further develop their leadership skills and have numerous opportunities to use newly acquired leadership skills. Many children who never considered themselves leaders discover that they have a natural talent for leadership at summer camp.

#3 Resilience

When a child faces a challenge, such as a bee sting, without Mom or Dad present and overcomes it with the help of caring counselors, they learn and practice resilience. Children who learn to overcome obstacles and stand on their own two feet make enormous strides toward becoming strong, successful adults. Summer camp is full of opportunities for resilience development, so your child will return home with more confidence and self-esteem.

#4 Sportsmanship

You can be certain that your child will learn sportsmanship at a summer camp in Little Steps Montessori. It also applies to all camps, not just sports camps. Whether your child is playing board games, learning to cook, or learning the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, they are taught the importance of being fair and generous to others. Your child will benefit from sportsmanship in school, in their career, and in the friendships they form.

#5 Independence

Summer camp is an excellent experience for teaching children independence, and making well-informed decisions is an important part of independence.

Skills kids develop at summer camps

The camp environment is structured, provides options, and assists children in understanding situations and learning the consequences of decisions in a safe environment. This could be just what the shy or fearful child needs to come out of their shell.

#6 Courage

It’s not easy for a child or their parents to board the bus for camp for the first time. However, at summer camp, children learn so much about their abilities. Children will have numerous opportunities to try new things, ranging from new foods at mealtime to new sports to making new friends. Courage, like a muscle, grows with repeated use. Your child will be encouraged and rewarded for trying new things at camp.


Spending part of their summer at Little Steps Montessori’s summer camp is a fantastic opportunity for children. Your children will not only learn specific skills in an immersive environment surrounded by enthusiastic instructors, counselors, and co-campers, but they will also develop life skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Camps are no longer just for sports and the arts; they are available for almost any interest you and your child can think of. Summer camps bring children together and foster team spirit. Children not only make new friends but also learn to cooperate and respect the perspectives of others. They learn the importance of genuine communication and how to resolve disagreements.



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