Our lesson plans are designed to broaden the inner-self of your child. Your child is treated as a unique individual, not as merely an attendant. But, more importantly, Little Steps Montessori School comes up with the best teachers who are highly trained, self-esteemed and experienced. In a world where most of the guardians are unaware of the importance of Montessori education, we equip our educators with detailed knowledge of the education system. As a result, apart from giving proper care to your child, they do everything to create bright future for the kids. Our low student-teacher ratio helps us probably take better care of your child than any other school in Dallas.

The traditional education system does not recognize the individual merit of your child. But here, at our Montessori school, our lesson plans are made with the aim of ensuring proper and perfect care to each and every one. Instead of giving everyone the same lesson in the same way, we take different approaches and methods to educate them as per their natural psychology, understanding and philosophy. Therefore, our way of teaching gives your kid lessons of the lifetime; and they get the best education achievable.

Unlike some other private schools, our classrooms are very spacious and comfortable. You may wonder how this relates to building a better future to your kid, but the reality is, they get enough room and space to develop their self-understanding of the world. Little Steps Montessori School is well equipped with both indoor and outdoor playgrounds. This scope of sports leaves a long lasting impact on your child, which results in smoother understanding of lessons.

When you enroll your toddler or young kid at our school, you trust us that your child would get the best foundational education available. Little Steps Montessori School knows how to give value to your faith. The basic lesson your kid is taught at this school builds a strong foundation in him/her. The course plans are designed in a way that does not leave them stressed but rather they enjoy the education.

When you rely on us and entitle us to take care of your child, we give him/her lessons of cultural and aesthetic values; but, it is done via implicit learning. When at Little Steps Montessori School, your kid passes through a warm and comfortable environment that helps him/her ‘acquire’ knowledge.

Finally, whether your kid is a toddler or a grown up, the intensive care given at Little Steps Montessori School is well enough to build a strong foundational level of understanding for him/her that can later on ensure a bright future ahead.