At Little Steps Montessori School, we let kids use materials individually unless they want to share those with others. Many parents ask us why we do not tell the kids to share materials from the first day of their school. The reason is that, a kid does not develop the psychology of sharing things unless s/he reaches the basic level of rationality. So, when we let them use things individually, it means they have the liberty to choose either way. As a result, when they come to understand the necessity of sharing, they simply do it without hesitations. In the later years of their lives, they feel the necessity of sharing, which also creates the sense of responsibility in them.

Engagement in group activities is a part of the Little Steps Montessori School curriculum. With that, kids are supposed to socialize with each other. It helps them understand each other as well as share and care. This habit of socializing from the earliest years of life comes as a blessing to the kids. They understand the necessity of socializing throughout their lives, which directly is the result of group activities mentioned in the curriculum.

Our Montessori school does not restrict any age group from interacting with another. That means students of the infant classrooms are free to engage in group activities with kids from the primary level classrooms. This might seem uninteresting to many, but it is proven that this engagement leaves a long lasting impact on the upper age level kids. The kids from upper level classes achieve leadership qualities from the juniors. On the other hand, the juniors learn to obey the seniors with respect. This certainly develops leadership qualities in the young learners.

Curriculums designed in Montessori schools are perfect for all – regardless of private or public elementary schools. Though Little Steps Montessori School is a private preschool located in Dallas, Texas, but our curriculum is standard for both Montessori and traditional schools. But, the way we take care of young kids in our school helps them understand life from a different angle. The lessons your kid gets in our school leave an everlasting impact on your child. Whether it is moral or aesthetic values you want your child to understand, we help him/her get through it.

A disciplined self-esteemed life is only possible in a Montessori educational institution. But, with the group of highly trained educators, we stand higher in ranking than the other Montessori schools in Dallas. We make sure that our students learn practical lessons instead of memorizing what is there in the curriculum. Our cognitive teaching approaches make them ambitious students. Instead of dictating our students to memorize what is taught to them, we take initiatives to make them understand the lessons, which ultimately leave a positive impact on them that remain with them throughout their life.