A comparative discussion between Montessori and the traditional education system would help you identify how Montessori offers a big difference. Montessori education carefully takes care of the psychological, emotional, physical, intellectual and societal developments of your child without forcing him/her to comply with any established systems. On the contrary, traditional education systems are designed to dictate your child to learn as per the established models. However, the following discussion will give you a detailed understanding of how Montessori education system differently and effectively helps your child get into the process of acquisition.

First of all, lesson plans at Little Steps Montessori School are designed to emphasize on the cognitive developments of your child. Instead of asking students to memorize, students are taught to understand what they learn. Practicing this from the earliest stages of a child’s life significantly improves his/her way of thinking and activity. On the other hand, the traditional education system dictates the kids to memorize lessons without having them understand what they memorize. So, this cognitive method is practiced at Little Steps Montessori School because a child gets into the process of learning as soon as s/he is born.

Teachers at Little Steps Montessori School are less like ‘teachers’ and more like ‘care-givers’. Instead of dominating and forcing the students to learn, it is ensured that each and every student actively takes part in lessons. It is also ensured that the students learn internal self-discipline without having them forced to comply with strict rules with punishments. This also helps them have due respects for each other.

Unlike traditional education systems, students at Little Steps Montessori School are not grouped based on their age; rather, mixed aged groups are formed to help them learn from each other with dignity and self-esteem. This exclusive system gives the students liberty to teach each other that develops leadership quality in them. In addition, children are given self-teaching materials so that they can internalize what they learn. As a result, they have a deeper understanding of what they learn.

Students at Little Steps Montessori School are not restricted to maintain strict timelines for individual project works. Rather, they are entitled with as much time as necessary. If you wonder how this system really works, then be informed that their project tasks are set by their performance records. This keeps a balance between what s/he is capable of in accordance with how much time s/he is entitled.

The most interesting difference this education system offers is that as a guardian, you are free to take part in “Parent-Infant” classes with your child. By doing that, you get the chance to understand lessons of your child and help him/her at the same time.

Finally, the way children are taught at Little Steps Montessori School is absolutely different from the traditional education systems. It does not only make your kid self-esteemed, but also gives him/her a wide angle of vision about life.