Whether your kid is a toddler or a primary level student, the Montessori education system has well-developed education system for each. Different advanced curriculums are designed based on the age of the kids. This classification lets them have better learning environments that help them internalize education in the easiest way possible.

Infant classrooms are equipped with top quality educating materials aimed at developing their reasoning power. As infants go through the language acquisition phase, infant classrooms are therefore furnished with language learning tools. Instead of making the kids to ‘learn’, they are given proper care and love so that they go through the process of learning. In addition, guardians of infants are updated about their progress in regular intervals.

Toddler classrooms are equipped with materials that let the toddlers feel independence. Based on the age group, toddlers can speak and they require proper care in understanding social norms. When we take care of your toddler, our maximum exposure remains on ensuring better social interactions, engagements in daily life activities etc. However, the toddler phase is the most important phase of a kid’s life because s/he comes to learn about social practices during this phase.

Pre-primary classrooms are for the kids who have just crossed their toddler phase. At this level, kids start becoming a bit more self-dependent and curious about the outside. Kids of this age-group are taught to make choices and internal self-discipline. We teach pre-primary level kids the basics of mathematics and help them boost their levels of confidence. Thereby, they get a sense of satisfaction, which helps them internalize learning.

The primary level students comprise of age groups between 3 and 6. Children of this stage are taught to meet their individual needs. We let your child experience a mixed blend of discipline and freedom at this level. It gives them self-curiosity as well as interest to explore. The most important aspect of this level is that we try to unify the intellectual, physical and mental functioning of the kids.

Unlike the methods followed in the traditional education system, Montessori education keeps the natural curiosity of exploration of your child intact. To work things out in even better ways, Little Steps Montessori School keeps the guardians updated of the status of their kids. Our enhanced learning is not merely restricted to how we design the curriculum, but also how we take care of the children. We have a group of highly qualified, professionally trained experienced educators who know very well how to give your kid proper care. Whether your kid belongs to the infant level, toddler level, pre-primary level or primary level, we give equal emphasis on all the age-groups. Cognitive learning is the method that Little Steps Montessori School follows and believes in; we do think imposed memorizing can anyway help a kid.