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A warm Welcome to you All!

When she reached the first hills of the Italic Mountains, she had a last view back on the skyline of her hometown Bookmarksgrove, the headline of Alphabet Village and the subline of her own road, the Line Lane.

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We are lifelong partners in education for your family and seek to provide an education that meets the needs of the whole child. A multi-disciplinary, interwoven curriculum fosters an individual love of learning inherent in every

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Little Steps Montessori School is located in Richardson, in Texas. Our Facility has over 12000 sq feet climate controlled space. The School boasts a private school environment with low student teacher ratio.

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Montessori Education

Why Montessori? The Montessori approach embraces the full development of the child and addresses all aspects (physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual) of the whole child. Children are grouped in mixed ages and abilities within 3 developmental years. There is constant interaction, problem solving, child to child teaching, and socialization. Children are challenged according to their ability and never bored.

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At Little Steps Montessori School, we believe that learning is a journey. Our goal is to develop engaged and independent thinkers who embrace community responsibility and leadership. Our teachers strive to inspire a joy of learning, academic success, intellectual excitement, emotional well-being, and creativity in every student. 

It is with confidence, joy, compassion and leadership that Academy students venture forth on their unique journeys to make a difference in the world.

"Little steps towards the world... Because education begins at birth."

-Dr. Maria Montessori

About Us

Children are the future's greatest resource. Therefore, at Little Steps Montessori School, we believe that our greatest contribution to the community and our world is through service to children. The safety, care and education of young children mold their self-esteem and equip them with the ability to find love, happiness and success that last forever. We allow these truths to guide every detail in the origination and continuous operation of our school.

Choosing the preschool that will become your partner in caring and educating your child is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. We are proud of our clean, inviting facility, filled with new and excellently maintained furnishings, toys, teaching materials, and equipment designed especially for children. With classrooms filled with happy, learning children, there are on-going opportunities for developing social skills, building character, making friends and memories that last a lifetime.


The Little Steps Montessori School develops every child's natural love of learning. We are proud to provide a prepared environment where our students engage in meaningful work under the guidance of our highly-trained educators and staff.

Our School boasts the traditional Montessori Method with the belief that cognitive development is the product of interaction between the individual and the environment. We have a uniquely designed, activity based learning environment structured to meet your child's needs. We recognize that children learn and adapt differently and stress the importance of adapting the curriculum to a child's developmental level. Our goal is to spark a child's interest in learning, thereby helping them to become life-long learners. The academy strives to assist children in personal development, as well as educational development. We strongly believe that the community of the child, parent, and educator is the foundation of the school's success.


Top 10 reasons to join

1. Spacious building with Huge Indoor and outdoor playing areas.
2. Experienced /Certified /Trained Teachers.
3. Highly academic Montessori program with individual based lesson planning.
4. Owners/Directors available for staff and parents.
5. Fully Equipped age appropriate Montessori Classrooms.
6. Warm Nurturing Positive Environment.
7. Served hot meals and snacks.
8. In Campus extra curricular activities.
9. Diversity and cultural appreciation.
10. Parents Rave about our program.

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